Limt :: Snapchat Meets Dropbox

We recently built an app to that allows you to share files with your friends securely. Just upload a file to our server and select the number of keys you want to create and click GO!.

Each of the created keys takes you to one instance of the file and you can pass these along to whomsoever you would like to send the file too. You also get a key that will help you track the keys you gave out and whether they have expired or not.


Keys expire thirty seconds after being opened in the case of an image or after a downloaded is completed.

This app was built on the Ruby on Rails platform. One of the biggest problems we faced back at SizrDev was handling large uploads (>100MB) without tying up our own servers or timing out Heroku(which sets itself a 30 second timeout). While going through the options we had in front of us, the team decided to run with a nifty little gem which leverages AWS S3′s new CORS feature in turn allowing us to bypass our server completely and dump files straight to S3. For a deeper look into this look into an article by one of our devs here.

Note: Limt is still in development. We’re shifting focus to Jobspire but we plan to finish Limt up soon.